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In order to live harmoniously in a healthy environment, trees are necessary. It gives us fresh air and houses several species. Trees also shield us from harsh UV rays and help protect your house from disasters. However, there are inevitable situations that will need you to hire an affordable stump removal company. Situated in Chattanooga, TN, Elias Chavez Tree Service has been in the industry for years tree providing quality services in the area. When you need our help, you will not have to worry about dying trees in your yard.

Cropped shot of logger slicing tree with chainsaw
Cropped shot of logger slicing tree with chainsaw

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A tree removal work requires the use of tools to get the job done and the right knowledge to get it done. If you don’t have any idea how to handle these tools and equipment, you might end up harming yourself. Tree stump grinding is something that can be done without professional help. Our team of experienced craftsmen possesses the right knowledge and the expertise to get the job done right without risking themselves. With Elias Chavez Tree Service, you’ll be rewarded with a service that’s worth every penny you’re spending.


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