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Elias Chavez Tree Service specializes in providing affordable tree trimming, cutting, and removal services, as well as handling stump removals, gutter work, storm damage removal, and other 24/7 emergency service. Based in Chattanooga, we’re the professionals you can count on to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner, regardless of the size or nature of the project. 

Tree Care

Whatever tree you have growing in your yard, we guarantee we’ll provide it with the amount of care it deserves.

Tree Trimming

Experience your yard the way it was meant to be experienced, with a well-kept yard and routine trimming. 

Tree Cutting

Tree cutting is a job that’s best left to trained professionals, like Chattanooga’s Elias Chavez Tree Service.

Tree Removal

Don’t overpay for tree removal. Even more importantly, don’t entrust the job to anyone but a trusted tree service. Elias Chavez has a proven track record!

What Services We Provide

Our employees will examine the job at hand and based on your personal requirements, provide you with an estimate of our work. Our company will supply the excellent and reliable services you deserve, and that makes us the ideal solution for all your needs. With us, you will be able to receive professional services that will meet your requirements. You can count on us for anything, from a tree removal service to regular trim work or tree removal.

Our tree service is provided to our residential and commercial clients by our team of competent and knowledgeable specialists. Our arborists can look after different species of tree and keep them healthy and as pretty as a picture. We use various maintenance programs that are specially designed to accommodate your needs and more importantly, the needs of your saplings and adult trees. We can trim large branches to provide sunlight to the inner limbs and enhance the airflow throughout your arbors. We always give 100% for our clients, as we value their trust in our company and abilities. Choosing us is an excellent decision.

Do you need to hire a professional tree removal company that works in Chattanooga, TN ? Maybe you require tree trimming or cutting? In either case, Elias Chavez Tree Service is the right choice for anyone who is looking for a professional service.

Why Choose Us

Our company works with homeowners and businesses to provide a service that meets any particular demands. Our rates are very reasonable, and no task represents a challenge for us. With our tree care services, you are sure to enjoy the service quality you deserve.

As a reputable and responsible tree contractor, we operate in compliance with the state environmental laws. Also, we use top-of-the-line instruments to precisely and carefully trim overgrown branches and cut down hollow and sick limbs that can compromise the health of your trees. We can also remove dead trees that are a hazard to people and nearby buildings. We use different techniques to prevent accidents and avert unwanted complications and costly delays. Having green areas with tall and majestic trees is easy with us in your corner because we are experienced arborists who get things done. Quality help is only a call away.

If you are located in Chattanooga, TN , and you need professional services for your trees, we are the professionals that will impress you with the results of our work. Here, at Elias Chavez Tree Service , our dedication ensures the complete satisfaction of each client, which is why we are the ideal choice for you. Call us today to learn more!

Get a Free Estimate

When you need a professional tree removal service, tree cutting, or trimming services, our company is here for you. We also handle stump removals, gutter work, and other tasks for your residential and commercial needs. Our rates are reasonable, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we know how to find the right approach towards each task. Call us today to learn more! To receive a detailed estimate, fill in the form below with all your requirements regarding professional stump removal services, and we will be happy to get back to you as soon as we can with the perfect solution for you!

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